We Then Ran In To A Technical Problem, Which Really Took Us Out Of Contention To Win The Race.

On behalf of everybody at Muscle Milk we just couldn't be more pleased." Klaus Graf, driver #6 Muscle Milk Porsche RS Spyder "Obviously I don't want a race to end like that weather wise with these conditions. Everybody wants to race but it's a podium for us and we'll take it. The Muscle Milk Porsche RS Spyder was really fast today and I really enjoyed myself out there, even in the very difficult conditions. We showed http://blog.dupontregistry.com/news/1969-yenko-camaro-ss-sale/ a lot of speed and a lot of class to the whole paddock. And in our third race, that's a big accomplishment. I'm really proud of the team and myself. I made a little mistake coming out of the pits after switching to Michelin slicks but that wouldn't have had that big of an impact. We then ran in to a technical problem, which really took us out of contention to win the race. We found the problem, which was really difficult to find, so hats off to the engineers, it was not easy to locate the issue. So we fixed it and we went back out. We ran really strong lap times again after that.

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